One of my FAVORITE podcasts is GovLov and what an honor it was to get a whole episode to myself!

Check Out Episode #310 Life Coaching with Meredith Hauck

Take a listen to learn more about:

✔ what I wish I could tell my coaching clients
✔ how to create a coaching mindset at work</span
✔ why I use (and love!) The Four Tendencies framework
✔ my favorite mantra (hint hint)

Links to the resources I mention during the interview:

Gretchen Rubin (Take The Four Tendencies Quiz)
Cy Wakeman
Racheal Cook

Bonus: Check out the ELGL Pump Up Song Playlist. My music choice (Meg Meyers Running Up That Hill) isn’t on there yet, but another favorite is (Your Love by The Outfield)


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