You have goals.  I know how to help you reach them.

My Story

Two years ago, I pulled a page from my *favorite* daily calendar from Gretchen Rubin, and it said, “What could you start today that would make the most difference in your happiness a year from now?”

I got the kind of goosebumps you get when you know you’ve stumbled across something big – and I was right.  My answer wasn’t revolutionary. It was time for me to give my physical body some love and attention and to start paying attention to how I fueled it and moved it. 

This wasn’t the first time I’d been down this road.  In fact, I went on my first diet when I was 8 and have done a BOATLOAD of work with my therapist about the disordered eating patterns that came from it.  I knew this history meant that I needed to be very careful about how I approached this with myself – my knee-jerk reaction of restrict, deny, overdo, punish, and shame wasn’t an option.  It was time to find a better way.

Around this time, I also discovered that my tendency for making and keeping habits – I’m a rebel.  In The Four Tendencies Framework, a rebel resists both inner and outer expectations. It was actually a relief to find that out because NO WONDER THIS HAD BEEN SO HARD FOR ME! 

And let me tell you, it’s a real journey sometimes because of this.  

I have to be very thoughtful about how I approach expectations, which means I live my life in a series of hacks and habits to make sure I don’t give myself an opportunity to rebel against something that I know I want to do.

With this in mind, I mapped out a plan to eat better and move more that was based in a place of focus and flow.

Meredith Fact: I hate thinking about what food to eat.

Meredith Fact: If I try to deny myself any type of food, I usually go overboard eating that exact thing.

Meredith Fact: Food and drinks are a big part of my social life.

The Fix:  I adopted an intermittent fasting schedule where I fast for 36 hours twice per week and eat whatever I want the other five days.  The choices on these eat days have gotten consistently healthier over time since I’m less stressed about “missing out” on something.  Plus, since I’m an abstainer not a moderator (learn more about this), fasting on two days works great for me.  I also move my fast days each week depending on my social schedule. 

Meredith Fact: Diet Coke cures all.

The Fix: Instead of cutting out the Diet Coke, I ADDED a gallon of water to my daily fluid intake.  I had to get very specific about how I like to drink water (room temp, with a straw, from a cup that’s not too heavy or big for my hand), so I purchased a reusable cup and a gallon jug.  I fill it in the morning, put it on my desk, and drink from it all day. The good news is that once you add all that water to your system, there isn’t room for a lot else!

Meredith Fact: I don’t like waking up early to exercise, and if I come home after work first, I don’t want to leave again.

Meredith Fact: I enjoy exercise classes because I can zone out and just follow along (vs. creating my own workout schedule).

Meredith Fact: I don’t want to workout every day.

The Fix:  I found a studio that offers the prime 4:45 p.m. class that coincides with the end of my work day.  I commit to three workouts a week and give myself the option to do them on any day I feel like (rebels like spontaneity).  

The result? Two years later, I’m 40 pounds lighter and still losing. I move regularly, and I make consistently good choices about what I eat.  Don’t get me wrong, the journey continues, but I’m not CONSTANTLY thinking about how to get there. My strategy is aligned with how I naturally want to operate so I can stay focused with regular check-ins and devote the time and energy I was spending on this to other, more important (and fun!) things in life.

What Would Make the Most Difference In Your Happiness a Year From Now?

Stop now. Write your answer down. 

Maybe it’s a health-related goal like mine, or maybe it has to do with relationships or money or productivity or your career.  This process works for just about any goal you have in mind.

Not quite sure what it is?  Don’t worry. Our first session will involve drilling down to make sure we both understand what success looks like so we can develop a plan to get you there!

Let’s Design a System that Works for You.

The sayings are true – you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  But there’s an easy way and a hard way. I’ve been successful with my goal because I designed a system that worked for me – and it’s likely very different than a system that would work for you. 

That’s where I can help.  Let go of that plan that “should” work for you and let’s create one that actually does!

Here’s how we’ll do that:

1. Identify: We all have truths about how we naturally operate best – do you know what yours are?  The first step in our process will be to drill down into the goal you’ve set to figure out what your natural tendencies related to it are.  A key component of this will be using your accountability style determined through The Four Tendencies quiz.

2. Experiment: Once we know your truths, we’ll create an initial plan to help you achieve your goal.  Then we’ll experiment. Over a set period of time we agree on, you’ll dive in and take note of what’s working and what’s not.

3. Refine: The information collected during the Experiment phase will help us make tweaks to get even more focused.  Maybe you discovered a new truth about yourself or maybe the goal shifted once you got going – either way, we’ll adjust and begin again.

4. Repeat:  During each of our check-in sessions, we’ll continue the process of refining and executing, all while moving forward.


This process isn’t about intensity, burn out, denial or frustration.

It’s about creating focus and flow that sticks with you long after our sessions end. 

The Package

It takes 90 days to change a behavior, and this package is designed to give you support the entire way.

Over 12 weeks, you’ll receive:

  • An initial 50-minute goal setting session
  • Two additional 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Weekly email accountability check-ins
Coaching sessions occur over the phone, so distance doesn’t matter!


$489 (payment plans available)

Let’s Do This!


I’m here to help! Contact me, and I’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide more details.

P.S. I’m not a doctor, therapist, or a nutritionist, but coaching can be a good addition to the work you’re doing with those professionals.  Let’s chat to see if it’s a good fit.