This is one of my all time favorite pieces of advice from author and researcher Gretchen Rubin.  We will do all sorts of things for other people today, and even tomorrow, but for some of us (like me!), it takes an extra level of motivation to make us do things for ourselves.

I often remind myself that when the Meredith of today just isn’t feeling it, my future self will thank me.  She’ll be thrilled I took an extra five minutes to load the dishwasher before bed so she got to wake up to a clean kitchen.  She’ll love not feeling rushed when I get gas before going home instead of making her do it during rush hour en route to an early meeting the next day.  She’ll feel healthy and nourished during the week when I take the time make sure meals are prepped and ready to go.

I’m a sucker for those future feelings and it turns out I’ll go the distance to get it done for her… or me… whatever.


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