Ready to take the #ResolutionReset process to the next level? Let me help.

I’m excited to announce a new package I’m offering this year. The Goal Getter Package is designed to help you let go of the plan that “should” work for you and create one that actually does.

Here’s how we’ll do that:

Identify: We all have truths about how we naturally operate best – do you know what yours are? The first step in our process will be to drill down into the goal you’ve set to figure out what your natural tendencies related to it are. A key component of this will be using your accountability style determined through The Four Tendencies quiz.

Experiment: Once we know your truths, we’ll create an initial plan to help you achieve your goal. Then we’ll experiment. Over a set period of time we agree on, you’ll dive in and take note of what’s working and what’s not.

Refine: The information collected during the Experiment phase will help us make tweaks to get even more focused. Maybe you discovered a new truth about yourself or maybe the goal shifted once you got going – either way, we’ll adjust and begin again.

Repeat: During each of our check-in sessions, we’ll continue the process of refining and executing, all while moving forward.

What I love about this process is that it isn’t about intensity, burn out, denial or frustration. It’s about creating focus and flow that sticks with you long after our sessions end.

It takes 90 days to change a behavior, and this package is designed to give you support the entire way. Over 12 weeks, you’ll receive:

  • An initial 50-minute goal setting session
  • Two additional 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Weekly email accountability check-ins

Coaching sessions occur over the phone, so distance doesn’t matter!

To learn more about this program (including the investment), check out the Goal Getter Package for more details.


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