Use #ResolutionReset to Identify the Next Step
One of my favorite quotes is from Glennon Doyle – Just do the next right thing, one thing at a time. That’ll take you all the way home.

With goals and in life, friends.

It’s 100% possible to achieve that big, wild, crazy, goal you’ve set for yourself… just not all at once. This is where I see the goal setting process break down the most with my clients. We know generally where we want to be, but we don’t take the time to map out exactly what the destination is and how we want to get there.

Get specific: First things first – what EXACTLY are you hoping to achieve? Let’s say you have a resolution that says “read more” – what do you mean by that? Is that one book per week? A certain number of books by the end of the year? Do you have to read them or can you listen to them? Do only certain genres of books count? Take the time to answer the questions so you can be clear on what success looks like. “Read more” could easily become “Read two books per week every week in 2020 – one book that’s for fun and one book that will help me grow my business.”

Create action steps: What needs to happen to achieve your goal? Is it one action or many? Are there deadlines? How are you going to be accountable for making sure these steps occur? Dissect your goal, outline what needs to happen, and make a plan for taking the very next step. Don’t forget to use your tendency in this part of the exercise. If you’re an obliger – how are you creating outer accountability? If you’re a questioner – take the time to understand why each step moves you forward. If you’re a rebel – be careful about creating too much structure here and be thoughtful about your truths. If you’re an upholder – plan away!

#ResolutionReset: Take a look at your resolutions. Rewrite each one to be specific and then outline the action steps associated with each. Make a plan to take the very next step for each resolution.


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