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My Method

A common question is “What is the difference between coaching and counseling?” 

Coaching is a forward-thinking, action-oriented approach that focuses on the what and how.  We work together to identify your end goal and then spend our sessions getting very specific about how to get you there.  My job is to help provide the structure for the journey, and there are a few ways that I do that: 

The Four Tendencies

One of the first things you’ll do is discover your tendency using The Four Tendencies framework.  Author and researcher Gretchen Rubin developed this system as a way to identify how people respond to expectations. 

When we know your tendency, it will help us develop a plan and accountability system that works best for you. It can also provide insights into the relationships in your life – both at work and at home.

Focus + Flow

Ambition and drive are good… hustle isn’t.

I structure our sessions to help you focus on the things that really matter to you and create a life that allows them to happen with flow.   Every session will end with action steps for you to complete before the next session, and by tying in your Tendency, you’ll leave with the confidence and clarity to follow through.

Ultimate Goal:  Confidence + clarity

My goal for the end of each session is for you to feel inspired to move forward with confidence and clarity. 

We have all of the answers inside of us – it’s about peeling back the layers, creating the path, and finding the courage and determination to do it. 

1:1 coaching

Dive deep into creating a life – at home and at work – that you’re excited to wake up and live every day.

single power session

Get clarity and a plan forward – fast – on a specific issue.


Work hand-in-hand with me to tackle projects and create seamless systems in your life.

mapmakers group

Empowered women empower women.  Learn from, support, and get inspired by other women blazing the same path as you.

“Meredith is very attentive and she listens to understand, not to respond. 

If you need to have a serious conversation, she’ll be serious with you.

If you want to have a fun conversation, she’ll joke around with you.  Meredith meets people where they are. She is fantastic!”

Holland S.

Young Professional

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